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8 Year Old Woodinville Boy Helping Food Banks

Updated: May 19, 2020

Welcome to I Heart Woodinville. My name is Chris Griffin and I'm the host of the podcast and also the founder of Jam Academy Music School (formerly known as Spotlight Studios).

This podcast/blog is designed to educate, entertain and to share all that's good in our wonderful neighborhood.

An 8 year old Woodinville boy is doing porch pickup for food drive donations. In this episode I interview a young man named Brendan Hupf Jr who has taken the initiative to get food into the local food banks.


Hey folks, welcome to I heart Woodinville. This is a podcast about all that's good in your neighborhood. I'm Chris Griffin from jam Academy music school right here in Woodinville, and I'm going to be your host. I'm honored to have you listening, as this is the inaugural episode of the I Heart Woodinville podcast.

The overall purpose and the reason for this podcast, is just to be able to educate entertain and support our wonderful basset hound, hot-air balloon, black bear loving, when are we ever gonna get a Trader Joe's, so I can buy even more wine - community.

I've been meaning to get this off the ground since the fall of last year, and ultimately it's taken the events of 2020, to really light my fire. [Music plays] Anyone that knows me knows I'm just about as light hearted as they come and, even in times like this, I'm the guy who's usually looking for the silver lining and looking for ways to show gratitude, love and support to my neighbors.

So, I want to welcome you guys, this is going to be a great time and I hope to keep you all involved. I was in a zoom meeting earlier today with a young man named Brendan, who I'm about to introduce you to you who is doing some really amazing things in the community and I'm sure you're gonna want to hear his stories.

[CG] So Hey there, welcome, it's great to have you on the episode, this is the very first episode. Are you nervous?

[B] Oh yeah a little

[CG] Me too. First time right? It will be fun. Don't worry. So I would like to know who you are. [B} My name is Brendan Jr and I live in Woodinville. I'm in third grade, and for fun. I like to play soccer, basketball wrestling, and do jujitsu.

[CG] That's awesome. So you're super active. That's good. I wish I was more active. I don't do wrestling anymore. I stopped wrestling when my big brother moved out of the house. Let's see. I've heard that you have recently been doing something really valuable and helpful for people in our community - so we all want to know what is it exactly that you're doing right now?

[B] What I've been doing is, since I don't have school, I've been spending the last few weeks donating food to local food banks.

[CG] I think that's amazing. You're a really cool kid for doing that - I'm so happy to meet you and to hear that you're doing these great things. So I just have to know. Brendan, what gave you the idea to do this? Well my dad's boss Pat Lear, lives in Boston, and he was donating food. So my Dad & I looked up on Facebook to see if there were any local food banks in need of food. the North Shore Senior Center said that they needed some food. So me and my dad went to Costco and got the items they were in most need of. The next week, I reached out to other food banks such as the Woodinville Storehouse & the Little Free Pantry (Read the article here) and asked what items they were in need of. So that I didn't spend all my dad's money. I made a post in Woodinville neighbors to see if anybody wanted to donate food but didn't want to leave their homes during Coronavirus. I offer to pick up food on their porches and donate food for them.

[CG] So, the North Shore Senior Center. That's one and the Woodinville storehouse. Where's the Woodinville storehouse.

[B] Oh, it's by KFC. Oh, that's across the street yeah I know exactly where that is. Right. Okay, cool. [17110 140th Ave NE Woodinville, WA 98072]

[CG] And where's the little food pantry? I don't know where that is either.

[B] Oh that's in Bothell. it's by someone's house, and they, they also have a bookshelf setup. [Little Free Pantry & Library is located at 6620 NE 185th St. in Kenmore]

[CG]Oh, I think I might have seen your picture, I think I might have seen your picture by that one. Yeah, that's a great thing. Very cool. So, Brandon Why do you think that it's so important to do this?

[B] I think that it's important because there's a lot of hungry families in Woodinville and I don't want people go into bed hungry. So, I just like giving food. It makes me feel happy.

[CG] You know, that's, that's amazing. I wish there were more kids out there like you and motivated to do something about the issue that's really that's really, really cool. I'm proud of you. I'm sure your parents are too, and even your dad's boss. So, so you're just a kid, how do you go and collect and deliver all this food?

[B] Since I'm only eight years old, of course, I don't drive alone. My dad drives but I pick up the food.

[CG] so you don't drive? Well that's probably good. So have you run into any complications or struggles Is there anything that you've been having difficulties with

[B] Well the only obstacle is that people aren't really out buying groceries right now, so it's hard for them to have extra groceries.

[CG] Mm hmm. Yeah, yeah, I can see that. But you're not afraid to go out. You're a brave one. We love that. So should other kids try to do this, or you're going to try to hire some other kids there's going to be your new job, or grownups? What do you think you're going to do with this endeavor?

[B] I just want to encourage people to donate, and they can really do whatever feels comfortable with them.

[CG] How long do you think you'll be continuing this program?

[B] I think I'm gonna do it till coronavirus is over because I really don't like that people are starving.

[CG] Yeah, you're a sweet kid. I don't either. And that's why I brought you on here today is I want to try to get as many people as I can to help you with your cause because it's just such a great thing that you do. What do you think are the best ways for our listeners to help support you and what you're doing right now?

[B] I would encourage people to stay safe and stay healthy. Since I'm only one person, I would love it if anybody out there would like to donate things too, but if you don't feel safe leaving your home, just send me a message with your address, and I will pick it up.

[CG] Okay, and how can I send you a message. What's the best way to reach you?

[B] basically just private message my dad on Facebook.

[CG] Okay, so just so our listeners know who that is. Can you spell his name for us and let us know how they can reach him.

[B] Um, Brendan. And then the last name is Hupf

[CG] So they can DM him, and then he will make arrangements to get food picked up and dropped off and all that other stuff. That's perfect. How much do you think you've collected so far?

[B] Probably about $500 worth of food.

[CG] That's pretty good. And how long have you been doing it?

[B] For the last couple weeks.

[CG] Okay. All right. So you just kind of, yeah, you started a while ago that's good. You're making a difference. You're a difference maker. We love that. Well, we're all proud of you. And we think you're doing a great thing.

[B] Yeah, Woodinville is a wonderful place.

[CG] Yeah It sure is. Well people like you help. You know that? So we really appreciate having you as a guest on the show, this is the very first one. It's gonna be short, it's gonna be sweet. [Brendan's] Mom, do you have anything to add?

[Mom] I'm very proud of my son and I'm, and I'm so happy that he's been the lead on this project.

[CG] I'm sure you are. Yeah, well you're a great mom and he must have a great dad too. It was it was great to have your dad sent me the picture of you filling out the questions...

[Mom]... Um, next Monday I don't know when this is airing, but next Monday is his birthday and his one question, or one request of people was grocery store gift cards to donate. He really hasn't given us any other kind of list.

[CG] That's fantastic. Yeah, so should we send them to you, and you can donate them?

[Mom] Yes. So we can either do the same porch pick up with the gift cards, or we can figure out a way to have them mail to us or, however, is easiest for everybody.

[CG] Perfect. Okay, well I tell you what, I'm gonna hustle to try to get this posted so we can have a little bit of lead time for your birthday. So is there anything else you got cookin'?

[B] Um, I just want to thank everybody for helping everybody in our community getting through coronavirus, and I know that we're all together in this hard time.

[CG] Man, you're such a cool kid. I look forward to meeting you one day and shaking your hand. Thanks again for coming on.

All right folks. Pleasure to meet you both. Stay safe. Keep up the great work Brandon and Megan Nice to meet you, man. What an amazing kid. I love doing this stuff so don't forget, he's taking donations for the Woodinville storehouse. The Bothell food pantry and the North Shore, Senior Center, and anything you can do to help is super appreciated. Well, that's all for today's episode of I heart Woodinville Hey thanks for listening everyone and thank you to our guest, Brendan Huff, Jr, for joining me today and for sharing his story. Please do what you can do to support Brendan's efforts also anything you can do to support the local businesses in our community is super appreciated and we need you to do that in order to keep our economy rolling. You guys are great people keep it up. Make sure to subscribe to our podcasts you never miss an episode plus if you haven't visited yet please stop by and check out our website at I heart wouldn't build calm, you'll find all the information and links to how you can do your part to share all that's good in our great neighborhood. You can also send ideas for future episodes so please join us again next time. And for now, so long. [Music]


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